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I love having natural hair..it&#8217;s grows so fast

I love having natural hair..it’s grows so fast

Real ones stay consistent it’s the actors that forget there roles

—Rob hill Sr


i procrastinate until it’s not even procrastinating anymore it’s just stupidity

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Waking up.


I missed your smell, the way you move in your sleep and snore into my ear. When you pull me close, squeeze me tight, and breathe me in.

I missed waking up with you, kissing and making love in the morning.

You accept me in all my faults and imperfects, cheer me up when everything seems to being going wrong, and have never given up.

And I love you for that- never giving up.


I think one of the saddest things is when two people really get to know each other: their secrets, their fears, their favourite things, what they love, what they hate, literally everything, and then they go back to being strangers. It’s like you have to walk past them and pretend like you never knew them, never even talked to them before, when really, you know everything about them.

Thought via Path

Young Rosewood eboard meeting – Read on Path.

Thought via Path

Im a DYNAMIC women of God & from now on I SHALL behave as such & nothing less..anybody that can’t respect that will be removed from my life – Read on Path.

I had to have them #TheGloves

I had to have them #TheGloves

I aint nothing nice but he L♡ves me and I heart my Mason @wearytraveler1898

I aint nothing nice but he L♡ves me and I heart my Mason @wearytraveler1898